Blake Lively Is Just Straight-Up Photoshopping Her Shoes On Now & I Love This For Her

blake lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have hit the polling booths early ahead of the US Presidential Election and of course, they had to be chaotic on Instagram directly after.

Both Blake and Ryan shared a cute voting snap to encourage their fans to exercise their democratic rights and cast their vote. And upon first glance, it looks like a normal photo.

Here’s Blake and Ryan, dressed to the nines with their ballots in hand. Cool and normal, right?

But then if we mosey on over to Ryan’s Instagram, sheer chaos ensues.

At first, I thought Blake had just taken her heels off for the second photo. You know, because she’s a mum and she’s tired and nobody actually *enjoys* wearing heels.

But then I clicked back over to Blake’s ‘gram and realised… SHE’S DRAWN HER DAMN SHOES ON.

I know, I know, they’re one of Hollywood’s ~quirky~ couples, who pull this shit all the time. But I just don’t understand this one. WHY?!

What does this mean? Is this the ultimate Instagram vs reality moment? Blake, I am not smart enough to work this out, please help me.

But she didn’t stop there. If the strappy heels weren’t quite your vibe, she also edited on a pair of boots. TOO MUCH.

Honestly, this feels like a publicity stunt to get people talking about the photos, and therefore spread the good word about voting. Usually, I’d call them out for it, but considering they’re using their power for the greater good of democracy, I’m going to let it slide today.

There’s still no real explanation as to why she’s done it, or what it means, but thankfully it looks like it has got people talking about the importance of voting again, so good for her and her weird photoshopping, I guess.