Sign Up For Our Free Black Widow-Themed Combat Class If You’re Lacking Serious Moves

Black Widow combat

Happy Black Widow month, Marvel fans (aka everyone I know).

Yes, after waiting with bated breath, Scarlett Johansson‘s former Russian spy has finally hit screens and if this isn’t a cause for celebration, nothing is. Cancel your birthday plans.

In cinemas and on Disney+ Premier Access now, Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is set to give viewers everything they’ve been waiting for.

We’re holding a free virtual combat class on Tuesday, July 20th, to celebrate the film’s release. You’ll learn some of the movie’s most epic moves that’ll act as a great party trick to whip out if the vibes are ever getting boring and have you feeling as kick-ass as Black Widow.

If that sounds like your idea of a productive weeknight, sign up for the event below.

We’ll be slinging a bunch of people who register their interest in the online event a double pass to see the film (for when cinemas are open if you’re from Sydney), as well as a Black Widow-themed prize pack to get you ready for the session and keep the bad-ass spirit alive in all your workouts to come.

Free passes to specialist combat classes throughout the session will also be up for grabs.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to do several backflips after the combat masterclass, there is a guarantee that you’ll walk away feeling strong as hell with a few new tricks up your sleeve.

The upcoming movie will follow Natasha Romanoff (known famously as Black Widow) as she confronts her sketchy past as a spy, which naturally is going to catch up with you. Black Widow will be confronted with old, broken relationships from her pre-Avenger days, so frankly I’m just keen to see some angry spies duce it out through high-budget fisticuffs.

You’ll just have to see the action-packed shenanigans for yourself when it creepy-crawlies its way to the cinemas and Disney+ Premier Access now.

I’m so bloody excited.

*Subscription required for Disney+. Additional fee applies to Premier Access. Conditions apply.