Do Yourself A Favour And Watch Bill Hader Meet His Idol, Keith Morrison

Bill Hader

Bill Hader is a big, big, big Keith Morrison nerd. ‘YUGE. Morrison, a veteran correspondent for Dateline has made a career out of reporting true crime stories and mysteries and has gained a legion of adoring fans including Hader, Larry David, and John Mulaney. Even if you might not recognise Morrison’s name, there’s a fair chance you’ll know his voice. But if not, then you’ll at least know of that Saturday Night Live sketch, in which Hader did his best and now extremely famous, extremely meme-worthy ‘Keith Morrison’ impression.

[jwplayer ltVtc0z9]

Appearing on Sunday’s US Today, host Willie Geist surprised Hader by inviting him to the Dateline editing bays in the 30 Rock studios – just a couple of levels above where they were – to watch Morrison spin his magic narrating a new true crime episode via “video-link” from “Los Angeles.” 

Just seeing Morrison in a recording booth made Hader all giggly so when he suddenly appeared around the corner, the actor was 10/10 starstruck. We’re talking nervous laughter, the nervous shuffle, and the complete inability to speak.

“I had a feeling when I saw him on the thing [screen]. I worked on Punk’d, I know a setup when I see one,” the Barry actor said afterwards. “You’ve got three cameras on us, I know something’s going on.” 

Again, this is essentially eight minutes of Bill Hader being the ultimate fanboy.

The “That’s so rad” during that little promo recording is far too precious for this world.

Behold, the aforementioned SNL take. Yeah, you know it.