Bill Hader Has Revealed How Our Boy Stefon Is Doing In The Midst Of The Pandemic

Bill Hader, Stefon

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but thankfully, someone remembered to check in with Bill Hader about city correspondent Stefon, to find out how he’s pulling up in the midst of the pandemic. Turns out it’s pretty much business as usual.

When asked about how Stefon is doing, the comedian said that he has a “natural mask” thanks to constantly covering his mouth with his hands, adding:

“I don’t know if he would notice … I think he was probably patient zero on some level and he’s probably had it a couple times and now he’s fine.”

You can see the relevant chunk of the interview below:

Bill Hader created city correspondent Stefon with former SNL writer John Mulaney in 2013. He was known for his feverish takes on New York’s hottest clubs, featuring such amenities as human roombas, screaming babies in Mozart wigs and mole people.

Hader was known for breaking character during his appearances as the character, because Mulaney would frequently change his lines at the last minute to try and make him laugh, so he never knew what exactly he would see on the cue cards.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hader said that the third and fourth seasons of his HBO series Barry are written and ready to go, and he and the rest of the team are waiting for the time when they can start shooting again.