The BeyHive Reckon Beyoncé’s Recent Insta Posts Confirm That She’s Pregnant

For the past few weeks, the BeyHive’s been buzzing with rumours that their queen bee Beyoncé is pregnant with her fourth child but frankly, their only evidence was that the girl *apparently* looked a little bloated (I mean, so do I post breakfast) and she was spotted rubbing her stomach a coupla times (again, so do I post breakfast).

But fans have presented the first shred of evidence that has lead me to believe that the rumours might just be true.

The mother of Blue IvyRumi and Sir Carter recently took to Instagram to share a coupla fire pics.

Check ’em out:

There’s a whole lotta emphasis on the number four which could be her grand yet subtle way of announcing that baby #4 is on the way.

The theory was backed up by well-connected TV gossip queen Wendy Williams who dished some intel on a new ep of her show.

As Williams points on, Bey and Jay Z are ~obsessed~ with the number 4. Bey, Jay, and Bey’s mama were all born on the 4th, Bey and Jay got hitched on 4/4 in 2008, Blue has the name ‘Ivy’ because IV is the roman numeral for the number 4 and as fans will remember, Bey once had an album called 4 and Jay’s most recent album is titled 4:44.

Sure, the photos could just be her way of heralding her fave number on Instagram but when you couple that with the pregnancy rumours and the fact that the baby will be her fourth, I’ve gotta say the BeyHive might actually be on to something.