‘Beeri’; The Best Use for Siri Yet

Ever since the iPhone 4S dropped, people have been coming up with inventive ways of using the voice-recognition software, Siri. Last week we showed you how the Gizmodo guys had exhausted all the stupid questions you could ask the machine, but when in doubt, there’s always more.

Beeri is one man’s mission to use Siri for the good of the world, or to get himself a beer poured without having to lift a finger. In what must be the most ridiculous set up ever, he tells Siri to tweet ‘Beeri’, which is then picked up by a remote controlled truck that smashes a beer can into a spiked wall, allowing the overflow to funnel into a glass. We’re not sure if this will take off, but you have to watch it purely for the entertainment value alone. Laziness is next to godliness, right?

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

Here’s the scientific explanation from The Red Pepper collective:

.”..When Beeri sees a new Tweet containing the word “pour” she triggers the sequence of preprogrammed pour commands (go, stop, adjust) that interface with the truck’s circuit board to control her movement. Her route is preprogrammed (drive straight) until her two proximity detectors sense her moving away from the puncture wall after impact. This allows her to halt the driving sequence and adjust to a 6 inch depth in order to get the beer to enter the funnel. With a clean pint glass underneath to collect the liquid gold, the only thing left to do is enjoy your tasty beverage. Now, if we could only get Siri to make us a meatloaf.”


Via Red Pepper Collective.