Banker Caught Ogling Miranda Kerr On Live Television

If your knowledge of Australia was gleaned solely from internet memes this country would be a cultural backwater where black-faced racists doled out fried chicken to silence foreigners while their unapologetic kids threw raucous house parties and fabricated stories about dueling “wogs”.

The bigotry and general disregard for proper grammar, etiquette and logic could then be attributed to the dangerous levels of cringe in the unfortunately named tech-spread we gorge on daily. And now, thanks to an unwitting Macquarie Bank worker, we’re the nation that pretends to work while ogling pictures of Miranda Kerr – which is probably closer to being true than not. As we said last week Miranda Kerr is everywhere.

Of course this is still the second funniest thing to happen on live television in Australia.

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty