‘Bad Boys’ Meets ‘LOTR’ In The 1st Insane Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Bright’

Leave out a couple of details, and Netflix’s huge upcoming feature film Bright looks like it could slide right into the Bad Boys universe: street-smart cop Will Smith rolls around Los Angeles, fighting crime and generally being a champ. 

We wouldn’t say no, but hell, Bright doesn’t stop there. It definitely is a buddy cop film, but Smith’s partner is a literal orc played by Joel Edgerton, and they’re both tasked with tracking down some evil elves. 

There’s also a magic wand. And, from what we can infer, the whole thing is a big old allegory on race relations. We promise it makes more sense in context, so go ahead and watch the brand new trailer below.
Bright is helmed by Smith’s Suicide Squad mate David Ayer, who recently boasted that Netflix was the only outlet brave enough to give him the funds to create such an ambitious piece of cinema.

It’s penned by Chronicle and American Ultra writer Max Landis, it looks utterly insane, and we can’t wait to catch Noomi Rapace as a crimelord elf when the film arrives on December 22.

Source: Deadline / The Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Netflix / YouTube.