The First ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Trailer Is Here & Keira’s In Full Sass Mode

bachie in paradise trailer

It’s short, but it’s enough to get us pumped: the very first trailer for the very first season of Australian Bachelor In Paradise.

In case you’ve remained blissfully sheltered from the ravages of this particular romance-based reality TV juggernaut, Bachie In Paradise is a kind of post-Bachelor/ette all-stars league. It features previous (unsuccessful) contestants, who are all thrust together on a tropical island (Fiji, in this case) in the hope that they’ll find love (and drama) with one another.

It’s basically the reality TV equivalent of dumping out your box of old Barbie and Ken dolls and mashing their crotches together. Obviously we are very fucking keen for it.

And now we’ve got the first tease of what it’s going to be like, including visual confirmation of who’s gonna be on the bloody thing. Favourites Tara Pavlovic and Apollo Jackson are there, looking effortlessly summery and fucken jacked respectively, along with extremely good value villain Keira Maguire (and from her pursed-lipped strut in that excellent blue dress, I think we can expect more ultimate sass gold from her this time around).

Also in attendance is the famously pie-disdaining Laurina Fleure, and someone called Michael Turnbull who I have genuinely somehow erased from my memory.

We also know for sure that sooky-la-la vineyard owner Jarrod‘s gonna be on the island, and rumours are vigorously flying that he and Keira end up doing a bunch of smooches and possibly making it Official. What a fucken match that will be.

Thank God everyone’s best mate Osher is still on board to captain this extremely not-up-to-code love ship. You can hear his sweet lil’ voice in the 13-second preview, announcing: “Your favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes together in Paradise for a second chance at love.

Bring on the second chances. Paradise is set to air later this year, and you can watch the trailer right here: