OOF: The Newest NZ Bachelor Demanded A ‘Multi-Sized, Multicultural’ Cast Before He Signed On

the bachelor nz cast diversity

The fourth season of The Bachelor has just kicked off over in New Zealand and after a history of struggling with diversity and representation, this season’s group is far more diverse than previous years. Why? Because the bachelor himself asked for a better representation of NZ women.

Moses Mackay, the 30-year-old total honey vying for a new love this season, said that he would only sign on for The Bachelor if the casting was more diverse and filled with “ladies that best represent New Zealand”.

Speaking with 1News in NZ, Moses said a more diverse cast was what would get him over the line as the rose-wielding bachie for this season.

“The first thing I said to [the producers], I said ‘the only reason why I would actually consider doing it is if you would be interested in making it a diverse cast, and so I would love to see a multi-sized, multicultural [group]’,” he said.

“I said ‘I would love to see ladies that best represent New Zealand and not just look the same, same, same as possibly other seasons have been.

“I said ‘if you’re willing to go through that route and try and change those stereotypes… now I’m interested, now I’m listening’.”


To the show’s credit, they seemed to have listened to Moses’ demands. Or at least enough for him to actually agree to be the NZ bachelor this season.

The ladies vying for his eye were revealed not long after the bachie himself was announced, and there’s a pretty decent range of women in the running. Sure, some of them are mid-sized at best, but at least it’s not a carbon copy of the same white girl from the beach over and over, right?

the bachelor nz diversity casting[Image: The Bachelor NZ / TVNZ]

The only thing that annoys me here is that they’ve just shifted all the larger women to the back, effectively shielding them with thinner women at the front. Screw it! Bring total legend Luisa front and centre (or at least by Moses’ side), where she deserves to be.

But look, it’s a huge move for Moses to use his platform as a Bachelor producers’ top pick to bring change to the show. And for that, we simply must stan New Zealand’s hot, progressive rose king.