Well, Australia Has A Shit Ton To Say About Tonight’s ‘Bachelor’ Episode

So that was an unexpectedly crushing episode.

I’m just going to get straight into it.

Cass has history with our 2018 Badgelor Nick Cummins. Throughout the series, we never really knew what this history entailed but we knew enough to see Cass cop a strong dose of the feelings. It appeared we would never find out what this elusive history was until tonight’s episode, when Brittany went full Nancy Drew – or well her sister first did – and went digging, digging, digging. 

For tonight’s full The Bachelor recap, chuck the below a good hearty click.

In tonight’s Hometown Episode, Cass’ place is up first. All is seemingly good and fun – horse riding happens – and then Cass informs Nick that she’s told her mum about their history which took place “last year” and as we learn from the family, Cass really liked the Badger and she really likes him now too.

Mama Cass and Sister Cass are straight into it: “Is he the one?”, “Are you in love with him?”, “You are pretty set on him”. 

Cass tenses up, a version of “MuuuUUUuUuuUummm, we’re on telly,” happens but for the most part, it’s smooth sailing until it isn’t.

Cass tells us she’s falling in love with Nick but she can’t and doesn’t tell him. For us, the viewers… it’s obvious Nick doesn’t like Cass.



And then we arrive at Britt’s part of the episode and it’s just pow, pow, pow.

First and foremost, Britt’s dad is a bloke #strewthHe’s bloody intimidating and right off the bat he tells the Badger, “I don’t have a great deal of respect for football players in terms of their relationships with women.” 


Anywhoo, the Badger is verbally pummelled by almost every member of the Hockley family but the biggest blow comes when Britt’s sister tells him she knows about Cass. Nick’s all like, ‘Nah, nah, nah, nothing happened’ so Sister goes ahead and tells Britt and Britt… is not impressed.

Britt confronts Nick and he says he was never officially in a relationship with Cass but duh, things may have happened. This doesn’t exactly piss off Britt, she’s not annoyed at him but she is very annoyed at Cass.

In short, Britt had asked Cass a few times if anything had gone down between the two and Cass had repeatedly answered ‘no’.

And thus begins the Rose Ceremony.

Britt confronts Cass and things immediately turn messy, mostly because Britt pushes Cass to talk about her physical and past relationship with Nick on television.




And then, after all of that complete and utter bullshit, Cass does not receive a rose and she is devastated.


Yes, Nick really did offer to be friends with the girl he just dumped.





A little while ago Cass shared a picture from tonight’s episode to her Instagram with the caption:

I honestly had no idea who the bachelor was going to be, and to be completely honest I was over the moon when I rocked up and found out it was Nick. He was always to me, “the one that got away” in the real world, and I was always too scared to tell him how I truly felt, and unfortunately it fizzled out due to poor timing. Seeing him there on the red carpet, we immediately picked things up from where we left off. In this unnatural environment, I was glad I had him as a little bit of comfort. I was able to see our connection grow and finally tell him how I felt. Unfortunately by the end, he felt we had hit “a ceiling”. At the end of the day, it is what it is, and I completely respect his decision. I have no regrets and even though the experience was extremely hard, at least I was able to walk away with closure.

Cass also shared another post informing us that all is well with Britt.