Here’s Where To Follow All The Bachie Girls On Insta, If You Want To Stalk While You Watch

Bachelor Australia

If there’s one thing I like doing immediately after the first episode of The Bachelor Australia drops, it’s stalking the contestants on Instagram and trying to guess if they’re the one or not. This is peak lockdown content, if you ask me.

Interestingly, Channel 10 has made it super, super clear that the women aren’t in control of their Instagram accounts this year. No more shenanigans online, I guess. But still, there may be clues as the season progresses.

The Bachelor Australia contestants’ profiles now read: “This account is currently managed by a third party on behalf of [insert name here] from X July 2021. Participant on #TheBachelorAU S9.”


Anywho, let’s get into it and meet the women vying for Jimmy Nicholson‘s heart.

Annabelle O’Regan

Annabelle is a 28-year-old medical equipment installer from NSW. She describes herself as expressive, outgoing, and honest. She froths the outdoors and exploring new places and is quick to fill silences in conversations. She also loves to gossip.


Ash, 34, is a dance teacher from Queensland. When she’s not running her own online dance company, she’s busy hanging out with mates and staying fit. Ash believes her best feature is the energy she brings into a room.

Ashleigh Freckleton

Speech pathologist Ashleigh hails from Victoria. She’s 28 and is easily excited, full of high energy, and describes herself as the “bubbliest, most enthusiastic freckle.”

Her parents have been together for 30 years so she’s hoping to find a long-lasting, evolving love on The Bachelor Australia. 

Belinda Robinson

Belinda is a 29-year-old criminal lawyer from Queensland, who is a big fan of fast cars and NRL. She goes by the self-proclaimed ‘Cyclone Belinda’, and just absolutely loves the drama. Her family describes her as “assertive, blunt, ambitious, brave, and the loudest in the room.”


Brooke Cleal

Brooke, a 27-year-old occupational therapist from Victoria, stepped out of the limo with a Sri Lankan love cake. And for that reason, Brooke is my favourite for The Bachelor Australia 2021.

Jimmy described her as “breathtakingly beautiful, I’m doing backflips inside.” I don’t know about you lot, but that sounds promising to me.

Brooke’s friends describe her as having a “magnetic energy with an addiction to being active.”

Carlie Hodges

Carlie is a 33-year-old corporate lawyer from Victoria, who is always keen to help out where she can. She is a self-described “left-brain bookish lawyer’, who is afraid she may never meet her equal. She can sometimes be too trusting, ‘cos her default is to always see the good in people.

Chanel Tang

We also have 34-year-old flight manager Chanel, who set up a trolley cart and two plane seats on the red carpet. There was a bit of turbulence, but pilot Jimmy didn’t seem to mind. Safe to say these two have a bit in common, hey?

Chanel’s Instagram is STUNNING, and now I really, really miss travelling

Elena Louise

What ! A ! Body !

Elena, 33, is a personal trainer from NSW. She’s known for speaking her mind and can be brutally honest when she wants to be. Elena’s not interested in physical looks, as in the past she’s been stung by hooot men with shitty personalities.

Hannah Norman

Hannah is a 26-year-old nurse from NSW, who is always up for a laugh and dreams of adventure. She has a huge heart and always puts her family and friends first. When she’s not at work, she enjoys discovering new coastal bush walks and staying active. She joined The Bachelor Australia with the hopes of meeting a man who loves family and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Holly Kingston

For her first impression, 27-year-old marketing manager Holly pulled Jimmy aside for a few minutes to take him on a mini wine bar date. I vibe that, not gonna lie.

Holly, 27, is a marketing manager from NSW. She describes herself as like a Caramello Koala – gooey on the inside.

Jacinta Boys

Jacinta is a 29-year-old executive producer from Victoria. She thrives off other people’s happiness, especially when she feels like she’s made a difference to someone’s day. Jacinta is huge on family and is looking for a partner, so she can stop third wheeling her younger sister and her husband.

Jay Lal

Jay is a 31-year-old, chess-loving nutritionist, who brought a life-sized chess board to her first meeting with Jimmy. She once played professional netball for Fiji, and is a former Miss India – Wellington, New Zealand.

While Jay’s chess game didn’t quite go to plan, Jimmy said it was still “really cute.”

Laura O’Loughlin

Laura is a passionate animal lover and a huge fan of The Lord Of The Rings. The 28-year-old speech pathologist hails from South Australia, and describes her love life as “a series of unfortunate events.”

Lauren Jenkins

Lauren, 29, is an office administrator from South Australia. While it may look like she has a tough exterior, Lauren says she’s a huge softie on the inside. She’s passionate about European history and finds happiness in small acts of kindness.

Lily Price 

Lily is the one who arrived at the mansion in a CRANE, which certainly makes her stand out on The Bachelor Australia. The 23-year-old is actually a crane operator, in case you were wondering why.

“There’s probably a big smile on my face,” Jimmy said upon meeting her. “She’s beautiful.”

Lily goes from zero to 100 real quick and describes herself as an ambitious woman with a big personality.

Madison Allen

Madison is a 24-year-old marketing coordinator from Victoria. She’s passionate about musical theatre, baking, and the Marie Kondo folding technique. Madison is super close to her grandparents, who taught her to always put family first.

Madison hasn’t been in a relationship before, so she’s looking to break out of her comfort zone and hopefully meet someone she can see herself with.

Rebekah Modernel

Rebekah describes herself as a quirky person with high energy. The 27-year-old youth support worker from NSW is not a fan of judgemental people who whinge and complain. But she does love gossip and isn’t the best secret keeper.

Rebekah is new to relationships, but is looking for someone kind.

Sierah Swepstone

Sierah, 28, is a technical analyst from Victoria. She’s a self-proclaimed larrikin, who sees herself as the alpha female. She loves watching UFC and reckons she’s like a human Ferrero Rocher – hard on the outside, soft on the inside, and a bit nutty.

Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie is a 27-year-old business manager from Western Australia. She’s outgoing, sarcastic, and does not beat around the bush. If she likes you, you’ll know.

She’s an avid gamer, who live streams herself playing. Her friends describe her as “every guy’s dream girl.”

Stevie Grey 


Stevie’s nan describes her as a “vibrant sexy chicken and an amazing cook”. The 29-year-old hair stylist is from Queensland, is a huge lover of dogs, and sees herself as an ambitious and determined women.

Tahnee Leeson

Tahnee, 27, is a corporate travel manager from Victoria. She is fiercely loyal, generous, and fiery. If you can’t tell by her job title, Tahnee is super passionate about travelling. She’s also great at reading people and giving logical advice.

Tamlyn Leigh

Tamlyn is a 25-year-old customer service officer from NSW. She’s fun, vibrant, confident, and doesn’t take life too seriously.

She’s originally from South Africa and is an extrovert, passionate about fitness. Her love language is physical touch.

Tatum Hargraves

Tatum is a 26-year-old company director from Queensland. She believes in the law of attraction and that everything in life happens the way it’s supposed to. Tatum is opinionated, super confident, and is living her best life.

The Bachelor Australia continues tomorrow 7.30pm on Channel 10.