The ‘Avengers’ Gang Embraces The Hate In A Remarkably Salty ‘Mean Tweets’

Now that Avengers: Infinity War is finally in cinemas, the poor, exhausted cast of the flick can finally head on home and put a pin in their gigantic, seemingly never-ending press tour. Or, at least they can after one final trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live to catch up on all the social media they missed.

It’s as inevitable as the day is long, but the sheer star power alone makes this instalment of the blessed Mean Tweets something to truly behold.

Be it Scarlett Johansson‘s insanely good “you what?” face or Elizabeth Olsen‘s manky-ass thumb or Don Cheadle interacting with Twitter for what could possibly be the first-ever time to Dave Bautista finding the phrase “sucks” insanely funny, there’s a little something in this for everyone.

But really, much like the Avengers film itself, at the end of the day we’re really all just here for Chadwick Boseman.

We’re always goddamned here for Chadwick Boseman.

Not as scalding as previous barbs read out on the show have been, for sure. But it’s absolutely the only Mean Tweets to feature Chadwick, so it’s an automatic Top 5 entry for that reason alone.

Well played, mates. Now go dry off the tears with some of the literal ocean of money Infinity War has thus far raked in at the box office.