Australians loves watching The Voice. The moment when Karise Eden won the series last night was the highest rating and, arguably, the most drawn out juncture in Australian television this year.

We’re not sure what this says about us as consumers of entertainment and what specifically made this show capture our attention. Maybe it’s been a slow news year? Or perhaps we’re just mesmerised by the sight of Seal in white capris and Delta’s inexhaustible girth of hair.

Whatever the reason, our eyes were hopeless against its pull kind of like when your Nan has one too many white wine spritzers and sexy dances at the wedding – it’s painful, tragic and beautiful all at once, but god damn it you’re glued to the spot. Here are some statistics that reveal just how many Australians couldn’t turn away from The Voice

Ratings Peak:
At it’s viewing peak last night’s show had 4.359 million viewers nationally and 3.098 million in the metro area glued to the boob tube. The Voice took up the first two ratings positions for the night (the final show and the winner’s announcement were counted separately), followed by Nine’s The Block, which was trailed quite dismally by the Channel Seven News. Oh right, the news. Group sales and marketing director of Nine entertainment, Peter Wiltshire, called the success of the show ‘a testimony to outstanding content’. Hmmm…we’re going with Delta’s f-off good hair as the pulling power.

iTunes performance:
Offering the performances as downloads on iTunes was a stroke of cross-promotional social media gold, with 8 world no 1 tracks clocked so far. WORLD. This mean’s potentially people in Uganda and Poland are listening to Delta Goodrem ft. baby Delta Goodrem, Rachael Leahcar, slaughtering opera right now.

We’re not sure what the exact numbers are, but when The Voice is providing Twitter fodder such as ‘Is Seal dressed as a seal?‘ #thevoice @JoshThomas87, ‘8 peeps leaving #thevoice tonight. Already sad & also cringing wondering who Seal is going to fondle as he consoles them@Nicky_Lavigne and ‘How scary would it be if the voice inside your head stopped working?

(Not sure if that last guy was talking about The Voice the television show.)

Channel Nine has already confirmed the show will return next year.