The Internet Has Lost Its Shit Over The Winner Of Survivor (No We’re Not Talking About JLP’s Arms)

Australian Survivor

After 47 days living on a beach in Samoa, Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains contestant Liz Parnov has taken out the crown of Sole Survivor.

It’s been a season of Australian Survivor for the ages. There were tribe swaps and super-gruelling challenges.

There was the Shiz alliance, Spice Girls alliance, the Vigilantes and the Jacuzzi 3 alliance. There was Simon Mee‘s insanely stupid cookie idol storyline (remember that?).

There was also THAT tribal council moment.

But on Monday night it all came down to Liz, Gerry Geltch and Matt Sharp after the self-proclaimed King of Survivor AKA Cockroach of Bankstown George Mladenov was voted out in the final tribal council.

Shoutout to Lizzie for surviving that final challenge. Beast mode.

We found out on Sunday night that we’d have a final three instead of a final two, and Liz took it out with a clean sweep of votes from George, Sam Webb, Nina Twine, FelicityFlickPalmateer, Hayley Leake, Simon Mee and Shaun Hampson.

And the Survivor girlies of Twitter have THOUGHTS.

Folks were celebrating the reign of Queen Lizzy III. Soz Elizabeth II, better luck next time.

Australian Survivor went up against MAFS this year and actually rated pretty well. Honestly can’t wait to see what twist and turns Jonathan La Paglia and his cronies have for us next season.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of former PEDESTRIAN.TV writer Courtney getting absolutely owned while attempting a challenge while on set.


definitely not winning that spa reward 🥲 #australiansurvivor #survivor #challenge #ptv

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Bring on Australian Survivor: Journos v Athletes, tbh.