Meet All 24 Contestants Vying For The Title Of Sole Survivor On This Year’s Gruelling Season

australian survivor 2022 cast

Survivors ready? They sure are, mates. We’re coming in hot to the newest season of Australian Survivor, and this time the game has changed again. The challenge has been laid and now the full Australian Survivor: Blood v Water cast has been revealed, so here’s who will be taking up their torches and grabbing fire this year.

This year the infamous Blood v Water format has jumped over from the US, with contestants kicking off their game paired up with a loved one — which can make or break your game.

We’ve already met a few of the big hitters for this season, including two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, and now the full cast list has landed for us to dissect.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Cast

Alex & Jay – In-Laws

Coming in from Victoria are in-laws, Alex and Jay. They met when Alex started dating Jay’s sister, and are now putting their found-family ties on the line to battle it out in the Australian Survivor stakes. Apparently, Alex is a huge fan of the show and is keen to play the low-key strategy game, so let’s see how that plays out for him.

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Amy & Khanh – Siblings

Here’s a familiar face — Khanh Ong has jumped back into the Aussie reality TV game once again. After a stint on MasterChef back in 2018, he’s back on our screens to try and take out the Sole Survivor title. This time he’s got his younger sister Amy playing alongside him, who is apparently ready to step out from living in his shadow and make her own Aussie TV name for herself.

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Andy & Kate – Siblings

Another familiar face (and visor) here, it’s Andy from 2019’s Champions V Contenders. You might remember him as That Guy Who Always Dressed Like He Was Going To Golf, and apparently him being on the show originally was orchestrated and encouraged by his sister, Kate. Now this time she’s entering the game to play alongside (and maybe eventually against) her poker-playing brother.

Ben & Shayelle – Partners

The first of our couples on the show are Ben and Shayelle from Queensland, and from the looks of things, we might have an Australian Survivor: Blood V Water challenge beast on our hands here. Shay said she finds Ben to be a great support when she gets caught up in her emotions, which could very easily lead to trouble for this pair.

Chrissy & Croc – In-Laws

Ex-NRL player Michael ‘Croc’ Crocker has had a long desire to be part of the Survivor game, and he’s found his place in Blood V Water with sister-in-law newbie, Chrissy. While Croc’s a superfan, Chrissy is coming into the game blind and without much preparation, which could wind up helping or hindering their game.

David & Briana – Father & Daughter

Our first parental partnership is here, made up of David and Briana. Both from Queensland (and hopefully used to that swampy heat), David said he’s been “vortexed into this dream” by his daughter. They see themselves as ambitious, fierce and have a strong relationship, but Briana says her dad is known to be a “skull-crusher”, so let’s see how that plays out for them.

Jesse & Jordie – Brothers

They’re just two brothers! Jesse and Jordie might live in two different states and see themselves as polar opposites, their bond is stronger than water. With Jesse being a landscaper by trade (hello, shelter maker) and aspiring radio presenter and Jordie being a full-time triathlete (hello, challenge beast), we might be in for a surprise from these two blonde-haired ratbags.

Jordan & Josh – Cousins

A pilot and a personal trainer make up cousins Jordan and Josh from Victoria. While Jordan (the PT) is ready to push his body to the limits in the Far North Queensland climate, Josh sees himself as more of an “armchair expert” when it comes to the Survivor game, and is keen to tackle the strategic game for real this time.

KJ & Sophie – Sisters

Another face you might recognise: businesswoman and influencer Sophie Cachia and her younger sister, Kate ‘KJ’ Austin. While Sophie might have 265k followers on Instagram and a bunch of businesses under her belt, KJ is the Survivor superfan who has apparently “meticulously” watched past seasons to finesse her gameplay. Are we most excited to see Sophie rough it out in the sticks? Absolutely.

Mark & Sam – Husband & Wife

Ahh, here they are — our beloved Survivor couple that lasted the test of time. Mark and Sam, essentially our Boston Rob and Amber. Since meeting on the show back on Season 2, Mark and Sam tied the knot, popped out a kid, and are ready to face the challenges the Survivor game has again, but this time together. Maybe they’ll be their perfect yin and yang, with Mark’s brutish mentality and sheer physical strength, and Sam’s stamina and calm nature as an endurance athlete?

Mel & Michelle – Identical Twins

Though they live in NSW and Victoria, sisters Mel and Michelle say they possess an incredible “twin connection” where they can basically read each other’s thoughts. We have yet another Survivor superfan in Mel, and as a speech pathologist, Michelle believes her ability to dissect human behaviour will give her a foot up in the game. Either way, I love them dearly and they must be protected at all costs.

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Sandra & Nina – Mother & Daughter

Last but definitely not least is the mother-daughter combo Sandra and Nina, coming across from the US. What can we even say about Sandra? She’s played the US Survivor game four times, won it twice, mentored contestants alongside Boston Rob, and is seen as the absolute queen of the whole franchise. For her fifth run at the title of Sole Survivor, she’s brought her daughter Nina with her, who was a big reason why she agreed to the season in the first place.

Sandra told PEDESTRIAN.TV that Nina’s just as cunning and smart as her, but has the added bonus of being physically up to the challenge too, definitely making her one to watch. Are we seeing a Survivor dynasty unfold before us? Quite possibly.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water kicks off on Ten, 10Play and 10Play from January 31.