Ranking Local Celebs By How Much They Get Away With Rorting Folks For Personalised Cameo Vids

australian cameo celebs how much

Ever heard of Cameo? That video-sharing app where you chuck a bunch of bucks at a celebrity like, say, Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen and they’ll make a personalised vid for you?

Well, its roster of celebs doesn’t just include the (former) A-listers, there’s also a bunch of local celebs, or as I like to call them, local yokels.

But while a video direct from LiLo will set ya back $310, Aussie reality stars are, ofc, much, much cheaper… and in some cases more exxy (???).

Here, we’ve ranked a bunch of Australian cameo folks, based on how much it costs to cop a video from them (as noted by hilarious Bachie meme page, Bachie Memes AU).

So how much are Australian celebs on Cameo?

$19 (was $13) – Melissa Rancan (Big Brother)

Empty your change tin and you’ll be able to score a vid from this Big Brother star and aerobics legend, Melissa Rancan.

I’d defs plonk down $19 to have her yell at me for putting her up for eviction. What a time.

$22 (was $15) – Allan Liang (Big Brother)

$37 (was $25) – Alex McKay (BIP)

$37 (was $25) – Helena Sauzier (BIP)

$37 (was $25) – Angelicious Clancy (Big Brother)

Coming to you live from The Bunker is our tea-loving (and spilling) queen, Angelicious.

$42 (was $25) – Rohit Roy (of TikTok soft drink fame)

$44 (was $30) – Eden Dally (Love Island)

$51 (was $20) – Charli Robinson (Hi-5)

There should be an option to plonk down an extra, say, $5 and cop a cameo from either of the Hi-5 puppets.

Remember those cursed bastards?

$58 (was $30) – Mary Viturino (BIP)

$58 (was $40) – Tom Derickx (AFL)

$66 (was $45) – Tim Robards (The Bachelor)

The Bachelor main man turned Neighbours star Tim Robards can offer you fitness advice for just under $70.

$66 (was $30) – Eoghan McDermott (Love Island)

Don’t recognise this bloke from Love Island? That’s ‘cos he’s the spicy voiceover, wouldn’t ya bloody know it.

$73 (was $30) – Alan Fletcher (Neighbours)

Neighbours daddy Alan Fletcher (a.k.a. Dr. Karl) can diagnose you and tell you the tales of his illicit affairs for just 30 smackeroos.

$88 (was $25) – Cyclone Cyrell (MAFS)

Cyclone Cyrell Paule has seriously upped her prices in the last couple of years which we have to respect. Get that bag, girl.

$95 (was $55) – Luke Jacobz (Home & Away)

$117 (was $70) – Nathan Foley (Hi-5)

Ok if I’m forking out over $100 for this man I definitely want that damn puppet.

$124 (was $85) – Adriano Zumbo (Masterchef)

Overpriced, just like his macarons.

$139 – Shannon Noll (Australian Idol)

$146 (was $80) – Warwick Richard Capper (AFL)

$175 (was $80) – Gamble Breaux (Real Housewives of Melbourne)

If you’re a die-hard RHOM stan like me, you’ll know that the $175 price tag for a Gamble Breaux yarn is still well worth it, especially if that pic is a preview of the content she’d make for ya.

$263 (was $120) – Robert DiPierdomenico aka Dipper (AFL)

Good gear if you forgot a present for Dad for Christmas and need to panic-buy something to make up for it.

$285 (was $99) – Jackie Gillies (Real Housewives of Melbourne)

A little more exxy, but if the Cameo comes with a lil’ psychic reading, I’m game.

$730 (was $500) – Nat Bass (Singer)

Suuurely that’s a typo and they’ve added a zero? SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS?