Gather ‘Round: Our Latest Aussie Biopic’s Here & People Have Lots To Say

Aussie biopics, our bread and butter of special-Sunday-night-television-events. Tonight, we copped our first look at our next two-part biopic, Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You. As you can guess by the name, the two-part series will give us Olivia through the decades as she climbed to fame and the hurdles in the midst of it all.

Part One aired tonight and naturally, a lot of Aussies gave it a shot because Aussie darling and woman people love to hate or hate to love, Delta Goodrem stars as Olivia.

The series was also shot in Melbourne so it’s always cool to support local talent and television.

So tonight we got young Olivia, played by Morgan Griffin, who absolutely smashed it in her role as a bubbly teenage Olivia. Fun fact, Morgan also played a young Delta in her Innocent Eyes music video way back in the day. Onya Morgan!

Then about 50 minutes after we catch Delta at the beginning of the episode we finally see Delta as Olivia again as she begins to deal with professional and romantic hurdles and failures.

During the show, Delta took to her social medias to post about tonight’s premiere writing, “Playing the role of Olivia was an absolute honour and moment I’ll never forget”.

Anywhoo, people got tweeting and opinions are all over the spectrum. Some people love it, some people hate it, but it’s definitely better than whatever the biopic Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story was but hasn’t quite reached the epicness that was the INXS biopic.

Everyone also agreed Morgan was the absolute standout of the first episode.

So you have the people who liked it:

And then the people who hated it:

Ads also suck:

In other news, Delta has a new album called Love is a Gift out featuring the real Olivia. It’s got all the tunes from the biopic plus duets.

If you’re keen or completely forgot about Mother’s Day and need a gift now, then click HERE.

Channel 7 will air Part Two next Sunday at 8:30pm.