We Finally Know Why Aubrey Plaza Seemed Pissed Onstage At The SAG Awards

Aubrey Plaza is talented, hot and weird; just the right combo to make bisexuals quiver in their cowboy boots. For years, the actor has been doing unusual shit on stage at awards shows, and thankfully, the SAG Awards 2023 were no exception. But this time, it doesn’t feel like an off-kilter comedy bit.

After her latest series, The White Lotus, won the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series, the attending cast popped up on stage to accept the award.

 F. Murray Abraham, who played the seedy grandpa in the beloved series, was the one to step up to the mic.

“I’d like to send a prayer out to the earthquake victims in Syria and Türkiye, and a prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia,” he exclaimed, finishing his speech by shouting “Union forever!”

While the group gave each other a pat on the back for their achievement, Plaza looked pissed off, visibly mouthing off in the background. I’m no lip reader, but it looks like she’s either saying “Jesus Christ” or “shit’s fucked.”

Check out the video from Page Six here.

After the clip went viral, the internet exploded with speculation about Plaza’s behaviour and now, we finally know what went down.

According to her co-star, Jon Gries, who plays Tanya’s (Jennifer Coolidge) shady-ass husband Greg (Jon Gries), Plaza was just being her quirky, deadpan self.

During Abraham’s speech, Gries noticed that Plaza was in danger of having a wardrobe malfunction. He instructed her to “look to the front” before commenting that she “might want to fix that,” referring to her underboob.

If only we all had someone on underboob watch because more people have seen my baby b-cups in the club than I’d like to admit. 

Gries went on to confirm that it was definitely the tiddie situation that had Plaza mouthing “Jesus Christ” on stage,  rather than Abraham’s impassioned words. In fact, they’d all planned for him to take the honour from the get-go. 

“We wanted him to speak; we all wanted him to. He’s F. Murray Abraham! He’s a frigging legend,” Gries exclaimed.

“I think what [Plaza] was intimating is why would that be a problem if my nipple is showing,” he explained. 

“That’s her humour — She has that dry, dead-pan wit; that’s her biting wit.”

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After the awkward moment went viral, Gries texted Plaza just to make sure his on-stage actions didn’t upset her. He says that she wasn’t upset at all, and even joked that he “saved” her from the on-stage gaff.

So there we have it folks, just another round of Aubrey Plaza being the gorgeous weirdo that we all know and love.