‘Arrested Development’ S5 Is Definitely, 100% Going To Happen (Eventually)


It’s been just on 3 years (almost to the day) since ‘Arrested Development‘ launched its once-thought-improbable fourth season on Netflix, shattering all previous streaming records and forever changing the way online TV shows are delivered in the process.
Since practically the moment it dropped online, the question of whether another season of the show will ever see the light of day has been scalding hot cornball on the tip of everyone’s tongue.
The good news for all of us is that show creator Mitch Hurwitz likes to talk. A lot.
Back in January the show’s head honcho stated that he’d hoped to get a new season of the show off the ground before the US Presidential election campaign went completely ballistic. However that now appears like a pipe dream at best.
But Hurwitz, bless his chatty heart, isn’t giving up that easy. In a new interview with Esquire on the promo trail for his new Netflix series ‘Lady Dynamite,’ Hurwitz reassured everyone that a fifth season is, in fact, very much on the cards.
It’s just that it’ll get here “eventually.”

“It’ll happen. It’ll definitely happen. Not before the election, but it’s definitely going to happen. I say that because the actors want to do it, the studio wants to do it, Netflix wants to do it, I want to do it. It’s just making it happen. There’s no one resisting.”

Hurwitz also discussed the particularly tricky dilemma the show faces in navigating a constantly-changing world; a fact that’s particularly relevant to a show like ‘Arrested Development,’ given that season four was initially supposed to be something of a true crime-style murder mystery.

“We were also building to a murder mystery and we were laying all these clues, and it was before there was this sudden interest in true crime with Fred Durst, Making a Murderer, and OJ. And there were so many OJ references in the fourth season. We even had Gob find a perfectly good OJ Simpson in the dumpster behind the wax museum. He was, like, driving around with this OJ Simpson and that was going to fit into the murder plot. But we’ll find new things. I’m trying, man.”

For the moment, however, Hurwitz has turned his attentions back onto season four, which has apparently been recut into a more “traditional” series of 22-minute episodes, which he hopes to shop around to regular TV networks in the near future.

“There’s a recut, too, of the fourth season, just to make it airable on TV. They’re like the old Arrested Developments. We redid all the narration and reshot a few little things. Now we have 22 episodes, and they’re delightful to watch and they’re much less work than the Netflix series. My hope is we’ll find a place to air those.”

…and that’s why you always listen to what Arrested Development‘s creator is saying.

Source: Uproxx.