Anne Hathaway Raps Like Lil Wayne

Speaking on Conan about unwanted paparazzi attention, Anne Hathaway revealed a rather novel way of coping. Instead of lashing out, becoming a hermit or suing, she raps. Yep. Princess Mia raps.

“It’s not something I ever expected to encounter so I don’t wanna be angry about it,” explained Hathaway, speaking of paps on America’s Today show. I don’t wanna have negative feelings about it, I just wanna get them out, so I just started to write rap lyrics about it … “

Here’s the thing, though – it’s pretty good. Plus, she’s possibly the only person ever who can introduce anything with “it’s in the style of Lil Wayne,” and still be adorable.


Also, check out Hathaway in costume as Catwoman for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Thoughts?