‘IT’ Director Andy Muschietti Says He’s Cranking Up The Horror For Chapter 2

IT director Andy Muschietti has unleashed a teeny tiny snippet from the film’s highly-anticipated sequel at this year’s ScareDiego at Comic-Con, San Diego – the place to be right now.

[jwplayer QW9A6EZk]

Chapter Two picks up 27 years after the events of the first film when the members of the Losers’ Club are all grown up – Bill, Richie, Eddie, Beverly, Ben, Mike, and Stan. 

Right at the end of the first film, the kids made a blood pact swearing they’ll return to Derry to defeat Pennywise the Clown if he ever decides to crawl back out of his hellhole… which it inevitably does.c

The cast is just bloody elite with Jessica Chastain (Bev), James McAvoy (Bill), Jay Ryan (Ben), Bill Hader (Richie), James Ransone (Eddie), and Andy Bean (Stan).

Oh, and Bill Skarsgård as It.

So according to the lucky people at Comic-Con, the footage showed a couple of behind-the-scene shots of Muschietti, the gang and Pennywise looking as terrifying as ever. Footage also showed the club reuniting at a Chinese restaurant with an adult Richie banging a gong and asking, “So what do you want to talk about?”

Yeah, I wonder what’s up.

Since it’s the wee hours of the morning over in San Diego right about now, no official teaser photos have been uploaded to their social media sites yet but we do have tweets from the journos there:

“Scarier and more intense” hahahaha.

“Crank up the horror” hahahahaha.

IT: Chapter Two will be back to scare you shitless September 6, 2019. 

Stay tuned, there’s a very solid chance teaser photos may surface on social media in a couple of hours.

Last night, Chastain posted this excellent example of fan art:

While McAvoy pointed these very cute snaps, last month:

Also, these two horror flicks are coming soon which is just peachy:

La Llorona is a Mexican legend about a woman named Maria who marries a travelling nobleman. Long story short – the nobleman falls out of love with Maria and leaves her and their two sons. Then, one day as Maria is walking along a river with her two sons she spots the nobleman with a younger woman and overcome by rage, Maria throws her two sons into the river drowning them. Only then realising what she’s done, Maria jumps into the river killing herself.

The legend says Maria’s spirit now haunts the river, forever cursed to spend eternity searching for her sons…


I hate creepy nuns – I’m not getting into this.

There’ll also be a third Annabelle set inside the home of paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren, directed by Gary Dauberman – screenwriter of It.