BLESS: Phoebe Waller-Bridge Will Reunite W/ ‘Hot Priest’ Andrew Scott In His Dark Materials S2

Andrew Scott, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, His Dark Materials

Sacred duo Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will reunite in the second season of His Dark Materials, based on the beloved fantasy series by Philip Pullman. It’s not exactly the Fleabag and Hot Priest reunion many (me) of us have dreamt of, but we’ll take it.

Scott made the announcement during the show’s panel at Comic-Con At Home 2020, where HBO also unveiled the trailer for season 2. Scott will star as John Parry, the long-lost father of Lyra’s new companion Will, and Waller-Bridge will voice his daemon, Sayan Kötör.

A daemon in the world of Pullman’s trilogy is the physical manifestation of a person’s soul, in animal form, that is tethered to its human counterpart. Where there’s a human, there’s a daemon.

“So I do have a relationship with my daemon – and I think this is the first time we’re revealing this, but my daemon is going to be played by somebody who is very close to me in real life, which is a young performer and a writer called Phoebe Waller-Bridge,” Scott said.

From the looks of it, this was the first time the rest of the cast learnt about the news too. Peep Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s reaction.

Scott said he was thrilled about the casting, particularly since the role of a daemon is all about companionship, friendship, and loyalty. “That’s what I feel about Phoebe in my real life,” Scott added.

Anywho, the trailer for season 2 revealed Scott’s character for the first time, along with the return of Ruth WilsonDafne Keen, and Miranda.

HBO has yet to announce a release date for His Dark Materials season 2, but it’s expected to drop this year. In the meantime, you can catch the show on Foxtel’s new streaming service Binge.

Here’s hoping John Parry’s daemon turns to the camera at some point and breaks the fourth wall.