Andrew Denton Invites You To New ABC Series “Randling”

We know from personal experience just how entertaining live television can be – particularly from the vantage point of an audience member at a live taping. ABC TV, Andrew Denton and his production company Zapruder are opening up this unique experience to you for their new series Randling.

The show, hosted by Denton, has been pitched as a game show with a twist (more details below) and will require passionate vociferation from the audience. In addition to a good chance of guiltless yelling, being part of the studio audience is something you can tell your grandchildren one day, like the time my friend Delia went on the Beauty and the Beast talk show hosted by Stan Zemanek, Heather Turland and Susie Elelman!

Details for being part of the ‘Randling’ studio audience:
Where: ABC Ultimo Studios (700 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney)
Age: You must be over 16 to be a part of our audience.
Price: FREE!

About the show:
From the creators of The Gruen Transfer, Randling is a game show where every point is precious, where victory is fought tooth and claw, and where viewers will be asked to pick a team and cheer them on as they tackle the Toughest Non-Sporting Competition In The Whole World.*

Over 27 rounds, ten teams of two (the names will surprise you) will slug it out on the greatest battleground of all: words. The tool which gives life meaning and which sets us apart from the animals.**

A fierce and funny half hour, hosted by Andrew Denton and filled with insight and insults, brilliance and bullshit, we guarantee that every viewer will leave each episode of Randling at least 1.7% smarter and over 100% happier.***

So come and be a part of the Sydney studio audience. We’re playing four times a week, in the afternoon and evenings, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

* May not actually be true.
** Does not include spelling bees.
*** Proven by nine out of ten experts

To apply for a spot in the audience head to: