When Amy Winehouse died in 2011, the beloved singer did not leave behind a will. Eight years on, her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil is reportedly seeking close to $AU 1.8 million from her estate.

Fielder-Civil, a former video production assistant, married Winehouse in Miami in 2007. He later told TV host Jeremy Kyle that he introduced her to heroin during their relationship.

The pair divorced in 2009, and he received a reported $450,000 payment. Per Daily Mail reports, however, he is now seeking a monthly allowance from her estate as well as a lump sum payment.

Amy Winehouse was worth around $5.3 million at the time of her death, with her estate passing on to her parents Janis and Mitch. It is reportedly worth significantly more now thanks to royalties.

Fielder-Civil now claims that he is entitled to a chunk of that because she released some of her most successful works during the six years they were together, including the two they were married.

Her relatives are said to be furious at the request, with one source close to the family telling UK paper The Sun:

“This is someone who spent a lot of Amy’s money during their time together. He [also] spent a lot of their marriage in prison, bringing nothing but pain to everyone. To give him another penny would be too much.”

The specifics of the $450,000 payment made to him at the conclusion of their marriage are likely to be a key issue in any dispute.

If the sum was specified as a “clean break” between Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse, then he will likely not have a case, but f it was not, then he may be able to pursue a claim.

Image: Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz