Amy Schumer Went On An IG Rampage And Dragged A Bunch Of Celebs & Was This A Joke Or What?

Amy Schumer has confused the internet by dropping some shady posts about her fellow celebs, Emma Stone and married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

In one Instagram Story, she shared a pic of Cruella and wrote: “It’s well known Emma Stone is a toxic person but Cruella is amazing!!”

Admittedly, when I first saw the post, I, too, was baffled. Emma Stone, toxic? Really? How is this a well known fact? All I’ve heard about her is that she’s v. private.

It wasn’t until I spotted the post about Emily and John that I realised that Amy Schumer is just making jokes here that, no offence, are absolutely not landing.

In the post about the power couple, that has since been deleted, Schumer wrote: “I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew me away,” Amy wrote. “Amazing to be in a movie theater!! [popcorn emoji]”

She continued, “and although Ive said for a long time I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see it this rainy weekend.”

John Krasinski left a comment on the post where he appeared to be in on the joke, writing, “Thank you Amy!… for blowing up our whole marriage spot.”

The post has since been deleted, presumably because people couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. Her Instagram has been pummelled with questions from fans asking why she reckons Emma Stone is a toxic person.

In fact, what prompted me to spin this yarn is people responding to my tweet about the sitch, saying that they Googled ‘Why is Emma Stone was toxic?’ and it sent them to my tweet, so I figured it was worth an explainer to direct folks to.

To all the people wondering whether or not Emma Stone actually is a toxic person, I feel that it’s worth mentioning that I interviewed Emma a couple of weeks back ahead of the release of Cruella and she was nothing but kind, gracious, funny, charming, literally everything we know her to be. Granted, it was only a 20 minute snapshot of the star, but still, I got nothing but positive energy from her (have a listen to her voice below and you’ll see what I mean by that positive energy).

So in summary, Emma Stone is not toxic. Cruella is amazing. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have a real marriage. And Amy Schumer made a bad joke. The end.