Handsome Man Alexander Skarsgård Spotted In QLD Supermarket On Vegemite Run

Swedish actor/handsome robot Alexander Skarsgård has been caught sticky-handed as a fiend for Aussie sanga staple Vegemite, seen shopping for the bitter stuff in a Queensland Coles, as The Courier-Mail writes.

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Big Little Lies villain Skarsgård went grocery shopping on the Gold Coast yesterday, where he’s currently shooting Godzilla vs. Kong – you don’t need the synopsis, it is exactly what you imagine – and kindly stopped for a selfie with a fan.


Aside: look at ol’ mate at the checkout watching this all go down, baffled.

That fan, Mel Peterson, told the local paper all about her brush with the vampire guy from True Blood, starting with his take on Vegemite.

[He said] that he loves it. He was very polite and said he was here to make a movie. He said he would be here for a while and that we might see him around again.

Alexander Skarsgård plans to go back to Coles! Time to organise a stakeout!

Godzilla vs. Kong is also set to star Eiza González – who posted her own Vegemite shot to her Instagram Stories yesterday – Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown doesn’t seem to be in Oz yet, although she was filming with the rest of the cast in Hawaii late last year, and is just at home watching You on Netflix. She weirdly sympathises with Dan Humphrey for some reason?

González meanwhile has posted a Story up today of their filming location, Village Roadshow Studios, which is right next door to yr fave childhood attraction, Warner Bros. Movie World.

The irony [of] studios next to roller coasters, mirror of reality ,” González writes.

Image source: Instagram / @eizagonzalez. 

The flick is reportedly the first major studio effort to be shot in Oz after the Federal Government offered tax breaks to producers to the tune of $140 million in the budget last May. Filming’s due to wrap up in February, with the Godzilla vs. Kong due out in cinemas in May next year.

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