Alex Nation Had To Go Back To Work Cuz Instagram Wasn’t Paying The Bills

The world of sponsored Instagram posts is a cutthroat place, with newer, more tanned and toned Love Islanders and Bachelorettes swooping in every day to compete for that sweet, sweet corporate cash. Apparently, the #sponcon rat race proved a bit much for former Bachelor winner Alex Nation, who announced this week that she has returned to full time work, because making a living on social media is no longer sustainable.

The model and AFL player, whose journey through the world of sponsored posts has sometimes been a pretty wild ride, revealed the news on Instagram (of course) this week, saying that her occasional sponsored ads for period pain drugs were no longer paying the bills. She spun the experience as a positive, saying that she misses being able to spend time with her young son but enjoys the challenge of being back in full-time work, writing:

“The reality is for me, sponsored Instagram posts weren’t sustainable enough and I really wanted a full time job/career. So I went out and got it and I fucking love it! I know my struggle isn’t unique, most mothers/parents and just humans in general struggle with balance.”

Alex Nation won Richie Strahan‘s season of The Bachelor back in 2016, and after the two split, she began a new relationship with teammate Megan Luxa. Though the two announced their engagement in December, they are understood to have called it quits in April of this year.