Alex Nation Sent DM’s From Michael Turnbull To The Media & It’s Absolutely Spicy

Guys what is WITH the reality TV stars going IN on fellow reality TV stars who have wronged them? On public platforms, no less? IDK what the fuck is in the Aussie water at the moment but hey, I’m disgustingly, shamefully into it. It’s like we all know these ex-reality stars can be attention seeking fuckheads but then when you see evidence? Ohohohooooo man.

Today’s ~le spice~ comes from Alex Nation, former The Bachelor winner, who has sent alleged DM screen-grabs of none other than The Bachelorette alum Michael Turnbull trying to organise a “branding campaign” (his words) except it very, VERY much sounds like erm… something that is not a branding campaign.

Daily Mail shared these copies of the alleged DM exchange, which Alex originally given to Woman’s Day. It looks like these DM screen-grabs come have from Michael’s end however, given Alex’s name is at the top.


Naturally, Michael is NOT A HAPPY CLAM about Alex sharing the DM’s with media – he chatted to Daily Mail today to give his piece.

‘It’s disgusting Alex would send someone’s private messages to the media and make false claims to the media just to make a few dollars,’ he said. ‘At no stage did I mention staged pap photos.’

He went on to explain what he was actually asking for.

‘I asked her for a photo shoot as it was for a photo shoot I needed for some branding not for media. I think it’s very ironic she is the one who sent my screenshots to the media. That’s embarrassing for her.’ 

This is all so wild guys and frankly, I… love it sick. Sorry. But I do.

The DM’s can be seen in their entirety in this week’s Woman’s Day, which frankly I’m about to leave the office to buy because I am a revolting human being that needs help.