ABC To Release “Jonah From Tonga” Netflix Style

Acknowledging that the majority of their audience are agents of autonomy living in an on-demand utopia where some 60 year old white dude in a suit no longer dictates what, how and when they watch the things that they do, the ABC have unveiled it will shortly implement a Netflix-style release model for one of its most anticipated new comedies. 

The network’s latest six-part Chris Lilley comedy series – Jonah From Tonga – will be available to binge-watch at your leisure in its entirety via the ABC’s iView app, replicating the time-sucking batch release model of Netflix original programming such as House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and the rebooted fourth season of Arrested Development
From May 2nd to May 4th the show will be available to watch via smartphones, tablets, TVs and gaming consoles before it makes its broadcast debut May 7th on ABC 1, enabling audiences to decide for themselves the manner in which they want to consume the f-bomb laden adventures of Jonah Takalua. 

Lilley called the plan “genius”. 

“People consume my shows in different ways: they get recorded and watched back later,” he said. “It’s not like event television where you watch straight away to find out the MasterChef winner.” 

Watch a teaser for the series below.

Jonah From Tonga premieres May 7th on ABC 1.