Abbie Chatfield Slammed A Creepy-Ass Pap Who Was Taking Pervy Shots Of Her & Go Off Queen

Abbie Chatfield slams sleazy papparazzi

Abbie Chatfield has fkn gone in on a creepy paparazzo who she caught trying to take topless photos of her and it’s spurned a bunch of frustrated comments from fellow reality stars who feel the same way.

Chatfield took to Instagram with a picture she snapped of the skeezy photographer and slammed paparazzi for harassing and stalking celebrities.

“Can you scum paparazzi talentless loser leeches stop taking photos of me at the beach with my tits out?” she wrote in the Instagram post.

“I don’t give a shit if the public see my nipples, clearly bc im in public rn (sic), but for a gross loser freak man weasel to make money off the patriarchal idea that my nipples are salacious is BULLSHIT.


Honestly, go off queen! It is fucking gross how much everyone can cash in on a woman’s body except that woman herself, who would be shamed for doing so.

The idea that a man can make money simply by taking a non-consensual photo of a woman’s body is so backwards. Fuck off indeed.

Abbie Chatfield’s post prompted other prominent personalities to slam paparazzi for violating the privacy of celebrities.

Ex-Bachelor Matt Agnew, who Chatfield dated on the show, described the scenes as “cooked”.

“Mood,” fellow influencer Em Davies commented on the post.

Bachie host Osher Gunsberg told his own story of being papped and slammed authorities for not doing more to protect famous children’s privacy.

“Ah that fuckin’ guy,” he wrote in a comment on the Instagram post.

“He’s never seen my nipples but he’s equally hidden in bushes with a long lens taking photos of other people’s children playing (ie: Wolfie and me), which in no universe is an ok thing and would get the cops called quick smart normally but apparently when it’s for a news outlet it’s ok.

“It’s pretty fucking far from ok.”

Really makes you consider how little privacy laws have caught up with modern values of autonomy and consent, huh?