Aaron Carter Arrested On DUI Charges Days After Saying He’d Never Get A DUI

Aaron Carter, the former pop idol who age 13 released a song about his raging house party, has been arrested on DUI and drug charges in the United States, literally one week after he bragged about not getting any DUIs.

The Associated Press reports that the 29-year-old and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, were arrested on Saturday in Georgia. He has been accused of driving while drunk and possessing less than one ounce of marijuana and paraphernalia.

His mugshot is… something else.

He was released on bail Sunday, but Parker, while eligible for bail, has not been released, and remains in jail for “unknown reasons”.

Carter was scheduled to perform in Kansas City, Missouri in Saturday night but tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to make it because of “transportation issues”. That tweet – in fact, his entire account – has since been deleted.

[The rest of that tweet said: “…back soon. He apologises to his fans in KC and Mix93.3.”]

So about that whole “I’ll never get a DUI” thing…. TMZ randomly accosted both Carter and Parker the other day, and asked them to comment on Shia LeBeouf’s recent charges.

“You won’t catch ME getting any DUIs,” he told the camera, failing to grasp that none of LeBouf’s several charges were a DUI, either. “I don’t even drink.”

Photo: Supplied.