27 Aussies Told Us What The Sexiest Thing About Them Is & It’s The Feelgood Video Of The Year

I dare you to ask someone what they believe the sexiest thing about themselves is today.

Maybe ask a close friend rather than the accounts lady, mid-spreadsheet, sitting opposite your desk though. Just a suggestion.

It’s a toughie! It’s personal, it’s thought-provoking, and it’s vulnerable as all hell, but believe me, hearing the answer is always way more heartwarming and wholesome (rather than boner-inducing) than you’d think. Watching people love themselves is infectious as fuck and suddenly you become Emily Ratajkowski in the mirror.

And isn’t that what life is all about????

The best thing about hearing a few different answers is that it becomes apparent right away that sexy isn’t one size fits all. Thank god, because if it were, we would all be going after one very frightened person / sex god.

For out latest episode of 27 Pedestrians, we asked 27 of you what you think the sexiest thing about yourself is, and received a wide range of answers.

We received sex-centric answers like “I’m confident in the bedroom” and “this fat ass”, to physical ones like “I have decent cannons” and “my little old lady hands”. Throw in personality traits like “the way I can command a room”, and “I can give good hugs” , and it’s clear there is no shortage of sexiness in the simulation.

As to be expected, some struggled to answer the question. We’ve all been there. Show them some love and join the conversation in the comments.

It’s the feel-good YouTube of the year!

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