There’s genius dating, and then there’s genius dating.

This falls into the latter. Genius, but italicised genius, so you know it’s extremely smart.

A 22-year-old woman from Melbourne is using yesterday’s historic and incredibly uplifting ‘yes’ vote to weed out extremely dud dates on the Bumble app.

Ellen Cameron, who had to spend yesterday at work but went out to the celebratory street party at Trades Hall afterwards, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she’d been trying out the tactic with a few different chats – to mixed responses.

If you’re not familiar with Bumble, it works kind of like Tinder, except that women have to send the first message, and inactive chats disappear after 24 hours.

“Found a new way to weed out the trash on Bumble,” she wrote in a private Facebook group.

Not all of them were bad, though – she had plenty of matches who were stoked about yesterday, who these are exactly the sort of dudes all hetero girls should be dating, tbqh.

“I’ve dating guys that are conservative before and it’s always just led to a lot of arguments,” she told P.TV.

She says she’s planning on going on a date with Lewis. “My opening line opened a really good conversation about the campaign and how we both celebrated yesterday. He said he was really happily surprised with the result because he expected it to be a lot closer than it was.”

This is all extremely our shit. Just one gal’s opinion, but don’t fuck people who don’t fuck with marriage equality.

Image: Supplied