This Psych Researcher Is Living Proof That Your School Marks Mean Diddly Squat

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Ya huh. Bet you thought being an academic meant you need to absolutely slay every school assignment, every test, and your final exams. Well gang, it’s truth tellin’ time: that’s bogus.

Your final ATAR results don’t determine what kind of person you are, how clever you are, or even what your future may hold. Nope, your future is entirely in your hands, no matter what kind of career you envision for yourself, thanks to the excellent alternative entry pathways on offer at institutions such as Western Sydney University‘s The College

Are you thinking ‘Pssssssh, she’s making that up, there’s no way I can get into uni with these marks’? Slow down, bud, relaaaaaaax, we’ve got proof: one Rhiannon Rogers.

In 2012, Rogers dreamed of studying Psych at uni, but was stressed and anxious about her final exams. She even broke her ankle during Year 12, ending up with an ATAR that left a lot to be desired.

When I got my ATAR it was like my entire future just went up in smoke. I did not expect to get as low as I did and for the longest time it bugged me,” says Rogers.

But thanks to the gentle goading of some close friends, she decided to give The College a go, taking on one of their gateway diplomas, which fast-tracked her into a Psych degree at Western Sydney University.

The College gave me hope in order to get where I wanted to be as a psychologist,” says Rogers.

And now, she’s about to start her PHD in psychological research on the effects of gaming on the brain and our moral decision-making. Pretty impressive, eh?

Don’t let us faff on any more, how about you hear Rogers talk for herself about the second chance Western Sydney Uni’s The College gave her:

Find out more about how Western Sydney University’s The College can help you open the door to tertiary study HERE. You’re gon’ smash it.