Swinburne Uni Is Nuking ATAR Requirements For Dozens Of Its Degrees From 2021

Swinburne University will permit current Year 12 students to enrol in a raft of popular bachelor degrees in 2021 without an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), owing to the chaos caused by the coronavirus crisis.

“This isn’t an easy way out, it’s a determined person’s way forward,” the uni states.

The Age reports the 2021 Early Entrance Program will permit recent graduates to apply for degrees in fields like arts, engineering, and science, without notching an ATAR, a standard barrier for entry to tertiary education in Australia.

Want to study a Bachelor of Business, Computer Science, or Media and Communication? You’ll be able to scope out the 2021 Early Access Program. Peep the full list of eligible degrees here.

The uni says that applicants will have to complete Year 12, secure a letter of recommendation from their school, and demonstrate their English skills before signing up.

The decision comes after a school year mired by the pandemic, which kept students from, you know, going to school.

Learning from home also highlighted the uneven access to technology and the internet among students, causing extra headaches for some young Aussies.

Then there’s the gaping hole in university enrolment figures, caused by a nosediving number of foreign students choosing to hit the books in Australia.

As it stands, Australian universities expect to lose huge amounts of income due to travel restrictions. It makes that sense universities like Swinburne would move to help Aussie students secure a place.

Other unis across Australia have revealed changes to their enrolment protocols, too.

The broad message: things are shithouse right now, but some institutions believe they can make enrolments a touch less stressful.

You can cop the full The Age rundown here.