IIXIIST’s Founder On Growing Her Business Baby To The Big Time

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Not many people can say that Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kris and Kylie Jenner have sported their products, but Rebecca Klodinsky, founder of IIXIIST, can.

“It was fantastic,” tells PEDESTRIAN.TV, speaking about the A-listers in her creations.

“To be embraced by these girls speaks volumes of my brand and it lets my customers know that IIXIIST is something special. Having these girls in my suits cements the notion the IIXIIST really is go-to swimsuit brand globally.”

Founded in 2013, the Australian brand enjoyed a rapid success that subsequently skyrocketed IIXIIST into the upper echelons of the swimwear market. “I worked tremendously hard from day one and have been incredibly lucky IIXIIST has thrived from the beginning.”

Unsurprisingly, Instagram has been IIXIIST’s number one social platform. “I caught the Instagram wave in 2013 and that attributed to almost the entirety of the brand’s success.”

“Aligning myself with high profile swimsuit models has also been a huge benefit to our brand awareness. As has engaging with our community, asking them questions and listening to their feedback, remaining human in how we operate and using real girls in our content.”

“We use zero retouching in all our imagery,” she adds. “Promoting confidence and realness is essential for our brand.”

According to Rebecca, having a clear and unwavering vision is essential to business growth. “We don’t overcomplicate it. Our philosophy has and always will be the same thing: stylish, supportive and simple swim at happy prices.”

“The one thing that happens once you start a business is the flow of new ideas. Stick to what you want to achieve first and follow that through. Don’t get caught up with ‘keeping up’ – confusion and distractions can be a killer!”

She also notes that all-in-one marketing platforms have been pivotal in growing the business:

“Using Mailchimp has enabled us to give our brand an added element of intrigue. Instagram posts and stories can only go so far, however newsletter marketing allows us to speak to our customers on a deeper, more personal level.”

So what’s next for IIXIIST in 2019? “We have huge things around the corner. I am adding a completely new element to the company this year. Something we haven’t done before… I’m tremendously excited… so stay tuned!”

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