Charlize Theron is talented, beautiful and fabulously successful, so I actually don’t feel too bad for her, but I guess I feel a tiny bit bad for her, knowing that she shares a publicist with global superstar Rihanna, which has to be a pretty tough gig.

The actress explained her predicament during a recent Seth Meyers appearance. “It’s tough,” she said. “I get it, you want your publicist to like you, you want to think your publicist thinks you’re worth putting out there in the world … it’s hard when your other client is Rihanna.”

She went on to explain that, on her birthday one year, she received a text from her publicist saying: “Happiest bday.” That’s nice enough, if a little brief, although she later found out that Rih got a slightly different birthday message, which read:  “To my FAVORITE!!!! I hope you are having a blast.”

Ouch. To make matters worse, Rihanna then had her message printed on a shirt, which she gave to Charlize. You can see her telling the story below:

Charlize Theron is currently starring in romantic comedy The Long Shot alongside Seth Rogen. The film is in cinemas now.

Image: Getty Images / Charles Sykes