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Okay, so you weren’t the biggest fan of high school. No big deal. You’re out of there now – phew! Good job! Don’t look back! We’re all about looking forward around here. And word on the street is that you’re looking to get into some tertiary education in the future. Love that for you. But we also hear that you’re stuck in limbo. You’re not sure where you want to study, how you want to study or if you can get into uni at all.

Well, don’t fret, my dearest. We’re here to remind you that you’ve got OPTIONS. You’ve got CHOICES. You’ve got a whole darn smorgasbord of pathways that can take you to your dream course at your dream uni for your dream career. High school means diddlysquat in the long run. Here’s how ya do it:

Do a year’s work in the industry

Heading into the workforce after high school is underrated. And considering you weren’t the biggest fan of the high school system, you might find you quite like working. You might find working fulfilling in a way Math Methods wasn’t. You might find you’re way more of a hands-on learner than a rote learner. You might find you really, really like the extra cash in your pocket.

And the best thing? You can start picking up industry skills that will actually help you get into the tertiary education course of your dreams. Because experience is everything. 

Consider your pathways

Try sussing out Open Universities Australia. They bring unis from across Australia together under one roof and make tertiary study accessible to everyone. Yaassss we love accessibility!

At Open Universities Australia, your previous study experience doesn’t matter. Heck – your ATAR doesn’t even matter. They help you enrol in specific uni subjects that have no entry requirements – it’s part of their ‘Open Door’ policy that means no matter who you are, there’s a way into uni. So basically, in a nutshell, they’re miracle workers. 

Start With One Subject

There’s no better way to test the water than starting with just ~one~ subject. At Open Universities Australia, you can enrol in single uni subjects before committing to a full degree, so you can dip your toes back into the vast pool of education, and examine the vibe.

This could be especially helpful if you’re heading back into study after an extended break or are just a little overwhelmed by the entirety a fully-blown degree at the start. It breaks it down into bite-sized goals that’ll help you shift your focus from the scary bigger picture, to actually learning.

These subjects may also count as credits towards the degree you ultimately choose so you’ll have made progress before you even know it. It also means you can make your way into the study-sphere whilst working because of how flexible it is, which is a bonus.

Double-check your options

This might sound obvious, but it’s important if you’re in education limbo. Remember – just because you didn’t get into your dream uni doesn’t mean that your dream career is dead. You’ve got options, babycakes.

Do some uni research, check out the different entry requirements. You might be able to start your study at one university and then transfer across to your goal uni later in the course. It’s also important to not that even if you start your degree online, you can always transfer over to an IRL option in future to experience that ~on campus life~. 

The universe and the university system can work in mysterious ways – so go with the flow.

Image: Good Will Hunting