Here’s The 4 Key Industries To Get Into Now For A Recession-Friendly Job In The COVID Economy

COVID-19’s impacts on the economy have been immense.

Over a million Aussies are currently out of work, 35% of small businesses are struggling to pay the bills, and, to top it all off, we’ve officially entered our first recession in 30 years.

There’s no denying it’s all a little daunting, but there is hope.

Even though job and career prospects might seem grim right now, there are a bunch of industries that have thrived amidst all the chaos. Some of them have not only thrived but completely boomed – so it’s probably a good idea to wrap your head around them when trying to nab a new gig.

To get some further insight, we spoke to psychologist and careers expert Suzie Plush, about which industries are offering up the biggest and brightest opportunities right now for people to scoop up.

Even though you might not be working in them currently, Suzie’s information highlighted that you’re probably already equipped with a bunch of skills needed to get your foot in the door, or, if not, there’s probably a course out there that’ll get you skilled up and ready to go.

The IT Sector

Since our phones, laptops and tablets have become our extra limbs, you’re probably well aware that the IT industry has been booming for quite some time now.

According to Suzie, this is only trending upward, and our lockdown habits could get even bigger and present “lots of jobs and opportunities in that space”, especially within the realm of digital technology. Because of this, she also noted that studying within the IT or communications realm is going to be important in order to develop the critical thinking required to flourish in the biz.

“E-commerce is huge at the moment and everyone is ordering food, supplies and clothes online. So that is partly going to keep growing and be a popular trend.”

Another factor contributing to IT’s boom has been the rise of telehealth services since the beginning of the pandemic.

“A lot more services are requiring information technology and digital systems to make that effective and that will continue to grow,” she discussed when explaining how the healthcare sector is benefitting from IT services.

Lastly, whether you love it (or loathe it), the popularity of Zoom and other video conferencing services has seen a huge need for innovation.

“Also different mobile applications and platforms are flourishing at the moment, so video, communication conferencing, online collaboration tools, things like that,” she reiterated.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a coder or the next Bill Gates, Suzie noted that developing a sense of entrepreneurship within the IT sector is also going to be crucial as well. You might not be the computer-whiz, but you could be the hustler behind the ideas who wrangles together huge projects and manages teams.

“There’s going to be a demand for entrepreneurship in these areas, so studying degrees or subjects in this world will put you in the right direction and make sure you have transferable skills for the future workforce,” she added.


As strict international border regulations have impacted importing goods as of late, Suzie also noted that Australia’s manufacturing industry is set to skyrocket. She also noted that “because a lot of people are buying more locally”, there are going to be a lot more opportunities within Australia’s manufacturing space.

With the homegrown search for a vaccine and other COVID-related cures, the demand for locally manufactured medical equipment is also growing.

“Things like medical technology are being made in Australia so there is more demand, more need for health supplies, so we are going to see a rise in local manufacturing as well,” said Suzie.

Transport And Logistics

Since we’re all guilty of over-ordering from UberEats and using food delivery services like our lives depend on it during COVID, the transport and logistics sector has also seen a massive rise during this time.

“We have seen this based on delivery services, and food services, people are ordering online so with that we need couriers, we need people to do deliveries,” Suzie added.

Online Retailing

“In terms of the online space, there is going to be a lot more automation so products are going to be a lot easier to buy online” highlighted Suzie, discussing how our online shopping habits have impacted the future jobsphere.

“We are going to see new technology move into the retail space to make it more efficient and faster and provide a better service for the customer.”

Since no one likes talking to automated messages or bots when they’re inquiring about a missing delivery or online stock, Suzie noted that customer service skills are going to be vital within the online retail industry.

How can you start preparing for a gig in these industries?

Looking to pivot your career or dive into a new industry can be a little scary (especially in this climate), but according to Suzie, it’s all about having a growth mindset and a positive attitude towards learning.

“It’s the ability to keep learning and keep bettering yourself. It’ll ensure you’re not having to be stagnant, sustaining your skills so you can improve, you can get better,” she said.

She also noted that the transferable skills you’ve picked up in previous jobs – things like communication skills, leadership and customer service – are all going to be useful in your pursuit in any industry.

Open Universities Australia have some amazing online short courses from Australian universities to help you retrain and upskill, and many have no entry requirements. There are literally thousands of courses you can do and a range of degrees and postgraduate courses as well,” Suzie explained.

“So if you happen to be in an industry which is on the decline and there is not a lot of jobs, then really focus on upskilling and working in those transferable skills to be able to move across industries as well.”

She also noted having an online brand in setting yourself apart from others is integral in a future career landscape too.

“Everything is going to be online so your presence online needs to be really strong, and definitely making sure you are keeping relevant skills by studying and applying those skills as you go,” she added.