Behold, The Top 15 Skills Employers Are Looking For So You Can Blast Off Into Job Land

Top Job Skills - LinkedIn - Gina Linetti - Brooklyn 99

Sometimes we can be so focused on what jobs we want, that we forget to consider what those employees might truly be looking for in a candidate. Here to help your resume glow, LinkedIn has released the top 15 skills that Aussie employers (specifically) are searching for in their potential employees for 2020.

Soft Skills

If you don’t know what these are, don’t stress. It’s a term used to describe less quantifiable personality traits that, in a work setting, are considered to make an employee more productive and perform better with the team. According to the list, there are five soft skills employers are seeking.

1. Creativity – If you’re good at thinking outside the box to find new solutions or directions, companies are going to want you.

2. Teamwork – There’s no I in team. Any business needs more than one person working well together in order to succeed.

3. Persuasion – No, this isn’t nagging until you get your way. It’s the ability to clearly outline your idea and present it well to get others on your side.

4. Adaptability – The working world (along with the rest of the world) changes so fast now that employers need people who can work around it.

5. Time Management – People are clocking on that ‘longer’ hours doesn’t always mean ‘more productive’. Show you can get your tasks done in a timely manner.

not like this.

Hard Skills

You guessed it, they’re basically the opposite of soft skills and have more to do with your ability to get the job done. So yes, it assesses things like your specialised knowledge and technical abilities.

1. Blockchain – Emerging from the Bitcoin, blockchain technology has stuck around and is being recognised for how it can help businesses.

2. Analytical Reasoning – Take the data and use it to reflect trends and changes in the business in a way that makes sense for everyone else.

3. Cloud Computing – More and more, companies are turning to ‘the cloud’ to store and create info.

4. Artificial Intelligence – Yup, AI is not going anywhere. Just please don’t be the person who invents the robot that destroys mankind.

5. Translation – Yes, this is about language, but also about understanding cultural differences to prevent any awkward encounters.

6. Scientific Computing – More or less the ability to use computers to solve difficult problems. This applies for jobs like data science professionals, engineers and software architects.

7. Investor Relations – You’ve got to be boss at keeping those investors happy, from finances to effectively keeping them in the loop.

8. Customer Service Systems – The customer isn’t always right, but if you’re good at pretending it is and making their experience smoother then you’re in.

9. UX Design– you’re basically designing public platforms to make businesses look good. Noone trusts a website that looks like your Nan is testing a new hobby.

10. Competitive Strategies – If you can find a better way to get it done then anyone else, that big ol’ brain of yours is going to make your highly desirable for employers.

Just realising I possess none of these hard skills – guess I’d better keep my day job? Or go back to study again. This is fine, I’m fine.