It’s ridiculous that we actually have to consider whether a degree we study will be in an area that still exists by the time we graduate, and yet that’s definitely where we’re at.

Advancing technology and other changes reshape and sometimes eliminate jobs. So then, in an ever-changing world, how do we pick a degree that is future-proofed?

It starts with research, mainly. You wouldn’t be alone in picking a course simply because it sounds interesting, and not really following through to find out what careers will be available to you once you graduate. However, if you don’t want to be thousands in debt for nothing, that extra research is essential.

Here are three degrees to point you in the right, have-a-job-when-you-finish direction.

1. Early Childhood

You know what never stops? People popping out sprogs. A flow-on effect from that is the need for people who can help care for their children. The good thing about an Early Childhood degree is that work experience in places like daycare, preschool, integrated child and family services is part of the degree. So by the time you graduate not only are there jobs available, but you’ve got experience under your sleeve.

2. Information Technology

What even is this, you ask? It’s essentially tech problem solving and digital security. Your skills from a degree in this area could lead to jobs that help prevent online scammers, secure and monitor IT systems and essentially fight cybercrimes. Jobs in this area are only expected to grow in the next five years so it’s a pretty safe (and fascinating) bet.

3. Community Services

The only way is up for jobs in the community services sector over the next five years. There are so many places to g with this degree under your belt, and all of them are as fulfilling as the next. You can work within government and non-government agencies and will have the chance to specialise in areas like disability services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and settlement work.