These Are The Best Cheap Holiday Spots In NSW If You Go A Bit Overboard On Christmas Shopping This Year

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

It’s extremely easy to spend over budget when it comes to Christmas.

It’s always that one last gift that you know your Mum will love, but it costs just that little bit more than you’d planned to spend. Then you find yourself at the bar at your work Christmas party and you’re shouting a round of drinks. And let’s not even mention the fact that you’re on holidays so there’s no paycheque coming in anytime soon… It’s a recipe for budget disaster.

If you’re still keen to head out on a little getaway even despite the woeful state of your finances, never fear. It’s possible to have a killer holiday on a teeny budget!

And for all our besties who live in NSW, boy oh boy do we have a stunning list of totally underrated, extremely affordable holiday spots just for you. Read on, broke babes.

Where To Go For A Cheap Holiday In NSW

Shoal Bay

New South Wales is well known for its gorgeous beaches and picturesque coastlines, and Shoal Bay is just one incredible example. You can spot dolphins and koalas in their natural habitat, head out on some beautiful bush walks or even explore the nearby sand dunes in Anna Bay.


Nestled up in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba is a pretty little town, totally bustling with great cafés, bars, restaurants and bakeries. There’s plenty of hiking to do, and make sure you don’t miss the incredible natural wonder, the Four Sisters rock formation.


Another sweet little beach town, Kiama is full to bursting of stunning landscapes. Be sure to check out the famous Kiama blowhole, and get some fresh fruit and veg at a great price at the local market. You can also explore the rainforest — and if you get a bit hot and bothered from all your activities, go for a refreshing dip in the ocean.


The star of many classic Australian films, Silverton is a fascinating place to visit if you’re looking for a cheap holiday with a quirky edge. It’s a perfect example of an Australian outback town. Make sure you check out the Mad Max museum (much of the movie was actually filmed in Silverton) and admire the view at the Mundi Mundi lookout.


If you’re looking for a cheap holiday that is also extremely easy and stress-free, I’d be looking into visiting Newcastle for a weekend getaway. You can just jump on the train from Sydney to get there, there’s no shortage of affordable accommodation and fun things to do. Go onnn, give Newcastle a shot.

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