WIN: Prep Your Guts Because You Could Score $2K Of UberEATS Grub This Year

Cast your mind back a few years a go, say 2015, and ask yourself what kind of person you were. Me? I was different, perhaps a little more innocent and caged, and hadn’t truly seen the world for all it had to offer. Why?

I hadn’t once ordered the magic that is UberEATS. It didn’t even bloody exist in Australia a couple of years ago and that, my fellow grub lovers and hungover Henrys, is a reality that’s hard to digest.

Since it launched Down Under in early 2016, I’ve probably ordered via the app in excess off a hundred times. Am I proud of myself? No, not necessarily. Am I on my own in this borderline addiction? Also no. Invention is the mother of necessity – and the way this food delivery service has become a permanent fixture in our lives is testament to that.

Anywayyyy (*extreme Ellen Degeneres voice*), I’m not here to gabber on about the short, yet powerful, history of UberEATS locally. I’m here to tell you how you can get a couple of grand worth of it for free thnx to Foxtel, because that’s one hell of a good deal. Yep, PEDESTRIAN.TV + Foxtel (the perfect companion for a solid feed) are giving away an entire year’s worth of UberEATS. That’s $2.6K worth of grub which, knowing how lazy y’all are, is the thing of dreams and the savings help your life so desperately needs.

You didn’t think that was it, did you?

The winner of the Foxtel comp will also cop a brand new telly from JB HiFi, Freedom sofa, LUSH skincare pack and a OnePiece onesie. It’s all the perfect ingredients for a greasy night in. Just enter below by telling us your fave weekend flick.


Good luck!

P.S. Mine’s The Notebook because I’m already super fragile so it feels appropriate.

P.P.S. Choosing The Notebook will not improve your chances of winning.