Tell Us What Yr Gonna Be Manifesting For Summer Solstice For A Chance To Nab 11/10 Goodies

Wanderlust - magic box wines

Oh, sweet Midsummer. A time when the days are longer, warmer and brighter. A time of delicious grazing plates and plenty of chilled wine. Also, in 2021, a time when you could possibly win yourself some free vino.

Thanks to the Magic Box Wine Collection, we’re throwing one lucky winner a little party in their own home, on us. You’ll get $5,000 worth of prizes including a huge selection from the Magic Box Wine Collection, plus catering from a fab local restaurant near you, a JBL PartyBox 110 Portable Party Speaker, smart string lights, and a sweet Lightbox to really take that party to the next level.

All you have to do is tell us below what good vibes and great successes you’ll be manifesting for the upcoming Summer Solstice. In case you weren’t aware, Summer Solstice is a perfect time to turn your dreams into reality, my friend. It’s a beautiful time which happens just twice a year, once in each hemisphere.

On the day of the Summer Solstice, sunlight travels the longest path through the sky, giving us more daylight, and more opportunity to make the most of that sweet magic hour baby. It’s the perfect time of year to set intention for new beginnings, a time of renewal, but most importantly, a time of sunshine and good energy — so go on, get channeling!

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Now let’s be real, after the horrific last couple of years, even the smallest wish of being able to safely walk outside is a completely legit desire to have in your life. There is no manifestation too small.

For those of you who dream a little bigger though, perhaps you’re manifesting wealth, travel, and general success. I don’t know, you tell me.

As for The Magic Box Wine Collection, trust me, you want this naughty grape juice with you on your adventures. The Magic Box Wine Collection are made right here in Australia, with Aussie grapes of course, and they’re as delicious as their labels are delightful.

Not to be a basic, but their Rosè is actually divine. It’s very fruity, which is my jam, with notes of strawberry, white peach and red cherry. I’m also a fan of their Cabernet and Shiraz. They have a whole bunch of different wine varieties, but I haven’t tried them yet. Although judging by what I HAVE tasted, they’ll be winners.

Anyway, manifest and sip on, and I’ll catch you all at the Summer Solstice. Cheers to that.

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