Waffle Charcuteries Are 1000% What We’re Gonna Labour Over For Brunch This Weekend

Trends move quickly in the age of shutdown, quite simply because we have nothing else to do but obsess over making things look nice. So move the fuck over, tiny pancake cereal, because waffle charcuterie/grazing boards are the new shit-hot thing to do now for the ‘gram (and also for your belly.)

Brunch is always a wonderful time, some cafés turn out dishes that are both aesthetically-pleasing and insanely delicious, you’re totally allowed to have a cheeky drink or two, and it can last for hours if you really want it to. That teamed with the shift away from traditional charcuterie and grazing boards that usually feature cheeses and meats and little snacks on toothpicks, has opened the door to sweet platters that look like they belong in a magazine or on Willy Wonka’s dining table.

We’ve definitely already taken you through hot cross bun grazing boards over Easter, and the Christmas pavlova boards late last year, but the waffle charcuterie grazing board holds no time constraints. You can legit have it whenever you want to, for it is not tied to some once-a-year calendar celebration.

Think freshly-made (or bought) waffles, bowls of fluffy whipped cream, little jugs of maple syrup, and fruit and berries scattered throughout. It’s a true treat to the eye, and it’s 100% making me hungry.

So please, enjoy these waffle grazing board delights, get some inspo, and drag the waffle iron out of the depths of the cupboard. It’s time to put on a brunch for a maximum of five (5) people in your house, and ten (10) outside.

Breakfast for dinner is perfectly acceptable in 2020, where time has no meaning anymore.

One question: what’s going on with those blueberries?

This needs at least three-times more syrup. What are those sprinkles meant to stick to?

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Absolutely yes, please. Thanks, mum.

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Hooly dooly this one looks magical.

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This is all I want to do on the weekend now. Sorry, life admin.

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Okay, I need to stop now because I’m so deeply craving a full waffle charcuterie spread now. What have I done to myself?