Twitter’s At War Over Which Chocco Has To Go & It’s Obv The Nauseating Reese’s Cup

variety of chocolates

As hungry humans who are undoubtably prone to a cheeky midnight snack, it’s in our DNA to fight for the treats we believe in. In fact, whether it’s the Orange Slice being lauded as the saviour of the biscuit tin or the Cherry Ripe being praised as the greatest chocolate bar in existence, nothing gets people more heated than a debate over snacks.

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We’re also ruthless beings who love to start drama, so welcome to Chocolate Survivor™, the game where our favourite chocolate bars are on the chopping block…

If you had to vote either the Kit-Kat, Milky Way, Twix, Reese’s, Snickers or a packet of M&M’s off the island, which one would you eliminate?

Liz Dueweke, morning anchor for Q13 News over in the States, posed the question today, which ultimately set Twitter ablaze with people vehemently defending their case.

And let me tell you, there were some strong opinions…

A lot of people came for my sweet, sweet Milky Way, undoubtably the best of the bunch.

I’m sorry, I’ma let you finish, but there can only be one answer here and that’s the dreaded Reese’s cup (AKA Satan’s Snack). Peanut butter and chocolate do not belong together, period. It needs to leave right now.

As is the case with most online debates, though, there’ll be no winner – just a bunch of people left red-faced after passionately defending a chocolate bar. We stan 2019.

Anyway, I’m now going to deep-dive into my pantry in the hopes of unearthing some rogue chocolate (not Reese’s though – fucking yuck).