The Inspired Unemployed’s Better Beer Will Pay 50 Lucky Punters To Ditch Work This Friday

The Inspired Unemployed‘s side hustle, Better Beer, is paying folks to take the day off work on the first weekend of December — this weekend — to celebrate Australia’s unofficial holiday, Day For It Day. Colour me intrigued and ready to ditch work. Sorry, not sorry, PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Besides being Australia’s favourite local larrikins and perfume creators, the broskis of The Inspired Unemployed, Matt Ford and Jack Steele, also have a bevy line known as Better Beer, which was created in partnership with drink enthusiast Nick Cogger.

To celebrate the poppin’ line of grog (which they’ve dubbed as the “Oprah Tinfrey” of drinks) and the first weekend of summer, Better Beer will be celebrating the unofficial Aussie holiday, Day For It Day.

Get on zi beers (Image source: Supplied)

Day For It Day usually involves schweet deals on the Better Beers drinkies, but this year the company will be offering something exciting.

Can I get a drumroll before the big reveal?

To add to the hullabaloo of Day For It Day, 50 lucky punters will have the chance to be paid $300 by Better Beer to take Friday, December 1, off from work, transforming their normal weekend into a long weekend.

A day off and cashola? How bloody good is that!

Unfortunately, you can’t just chuck a sickie and get paid by the grog company. Here are all the fine details on how you can cop a paid day off from The Inspired Unemployed’s Better Beer.

Interested in getting paid to take the day off? Here’s how to nab it

Firstly, folks must nab a signed permission slip (school excursion vibes) from their boss allowing the day off and submit it to the Better Beer Instagram (@betterbeer).

Punters must also grab a video and/or photo of their boss greenlighting their absence from work on December 1. The video/photo should be submitted alongside the cheeky permission slip.

How to celebrate Day For It Day if you’ve missed out on the cheeky paid day off

Missed out on getting a paid day off? Don’t fret. Better Beer has a spectacular lineup of events and deals to celebrate Australia’s unofficial holiday.

On Saturday, December 2, folks can head to the Day For It Day party at Bryon Bay’s The Beach Hotel. From 3pm, partygoers can expect to boogie to a lineup of spectacular DJs and cop Better Beer drink specials. Tickets are currently up for grabs for $81.60, and they’re available right here.

Battling the urge to post this story with the social caption “day for it”. (Image source: Supplied)

If you’re not in the area, Day For It Day will be celebrated at selected venues across the nation, including Summa House in Fortitude Valley, Empire Hotel in Townsville and The Boatbuilder Yard in Melbs.

Feeling more house party ~vibes~ for the first weekend of summer? Fans of Better Beer can buy slabs of the award-winning Zero Carb cans and stubbies for $45 from Dan Murphy’s, BWS or via Jimmy Brings. It’s a full-on beverage bonanza.

Better Beer has also listed a bunch of pubs that will be chucking on specials for its beverages on its official site.

Keep in mind these deals are only running for Day For It Day (December 2) so mark your calendars!

I’m pretty sure that I say this every year, but 2023 went by so fast. Seeing that this event is on the first weekend of Summer just made me realise how close we are to 2024. Scary, but Day For It Day kinda makes the idea of the new year more fun and inviting.

Now, excuse me as I try to convince my boss to sign a permission slip and perform in a TikTok for a paid day off.