Tell Us All Your Tasty Thoughts About Fast Food & You Could Cop A Sweet $500

We’re here to say that fried chicken is the G.O.A.T when it comes to fast food. There’s nothing better than grabbing a quick Go Bucket of Popcorn Chicken® as an easy snack, some delicious chips as a hangover cure, or even a Zinger® for something a little spicy.

It’s got the makings of the ultimate music snack. Imagine lounging on a picnic blanket at a festival, watching King Giz play their latest album while enjoying a bucket of Original Recipe – sounds like what I imagine heaven would be like.

But what do you think of KFC? We want to hear what you reckon when it comes to the Colonel and his range of finger-lickin’ chicken.

Is it a once-a-week treat or a bi-annual occasion? Can you not imagine a Friday night without it? Or Is it the only choice in your local food court? No matter your take, dive into the form below, and you could cop a $500 Prezzee voucher.

Who knows? That might be enough to buy a list of the secret herbs and spices.