The Americans, they are a strange bunch. I have a lot of love for their truly should-be-illegal snack offering, from Cool Whip (like frozen squirty cream) to those barrels of Cheetos that could survive a nuclear apocalypse. But this Frank’s RedHot Chicken Dip? Burn it. Burn it all.

The snack tub came across my eyeballs care of US site Bustle, who are really excited about the stuff. The “stuff” I am talking about is a 794 gram bucket of “real chicken, real cheese and real Frank’s Redhot!”, according to the messaging on the tub.

So I had no idea what the fuck “chicken dip” was, but I had a general idea and it turns out I was a) basically right and b) it is also far worse than I expected.

Frank’s RedHot is a bit of a must-have for the snack, which is basically mushing a bbq chicken, cream cheese, hot sauce, ranch dressing and blue cheese together into what looks like this:


They have an official recipe on site, so it makes sense that they’ve now made it into a take-home tub.

Look, as someone who is a ride-or-die fan of the old Cob Dip, I can probably fuck with this. There’s a lot to love here – maximum cheese, hot sauce. It’s the shredded chicken in a DIP that is alarming to me, a non-American who eats normal foods. Hot wings? FUCK YEAH. Ripping a chicken up then eating it off crackers? What the fuck are you doing, son.

It might not be for me, but it might be for you. I cannot make that call.

I can’t see the Frank’s RedHot pre-made dip listed for sale anywhere that ships to Oz yet, but you can easily get Frank’s RedHot sauce from like, even COLES, so if you wanna give it a go via their recipe, well… RIP your anoos, is all I have to say.